About the Artist

Nikoleta Psalti is inspired by the sea element and creates works of art from natural materials she collects from the bottom of the Greek sea and its seashores.

From a young age Nikoleta Psalti loved to create paintings and dealing with crafts. She creates paintings using natural materials that collects from nature, furniture and fixtures that combine natural sea wood with plexi glass, and recently she began to create jewelry.

The charm of the sea and the Tree of Life were the stimuli that established her artistic expression, still we wait for so much more from her restless artistic spirit.

Every piece of art created by Nikoleta Psalti is unique, just as nature has defined it, that’s why it cannot be replaced by a new one similar to the previous one.


Interior Design

The need for personal expression and her love for nature are the two elements that prompted Nikoleta Psalti to approach and highlight natural materials as one of the most important chapters in Interior Design.

Nicoletta Psalti has been distinguished in the interior design. The Museum of School Life and Education in Plaka, whose interior decoration was inspired by her, is a unique example of her authentic expression.