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The Mystics Dream

Memories of a mystic under the crescent moon they dance around him like the flames of the fire.

The journey is behind him while the destination lies ahead of him.

For a long time he travels through the desert and now he stands to rest.

Respectfully he looks up the sky searching for her face and the darkness recedes to the power of his dreams and becomes light.

He was taught his art well and now he returns back to the woman, who owns his dreams.

Only this woman has his spirit and his strength at her feet  because only she is the real light of his life.


– Handmade wall light.
– Materials: Sea Wood
– Certificate of Authenticity, attached

A few words about Nicoletas Psalti Creations

All the artworks of Nikoleta Psalti are original and unique. The predominant elements of her creations are the natural materials it uses, which are mainly collected from the seashores and the seabed of the Greek seas.

For the first time, the humble pebbles become elegant jewels. Seaweeds and corals decorate lamps and furniture. The unique beauty of the natural wood that the artist collects from the seashores and the forests is transformed into eccentric furniture and lamps that illuminate uniquely the spaces in which they are placed.

The combination of plexi glass with the natural materials is not accidental. The transparency of plexi glass reveals and highlights the natural elements, that in Nikoleta Psalti hands become unique and eccentric pieces of art.

Silver and ivory are two materials that the creator combines with the warmth of wood, creating a unique balance between light diffusion and the reflections that these materials create in the space.

The ultimate goal of Nikoletas Psalti artworks is to create an interaction between the human senses and the natural materials that occupy a space.

The paintings of Nikoleta Psaltis depict the tree of life and its particular symbolism.

«I love the tree of life, because it has many symbolisms. It is the tree of wisdom, beauty, protection, abundance and power. With the different materials I use it can take more forms and symbolisms. »

The value of Nikoletas Psalti creations is priceless. Each of her creations comes from her heart and are expressed in the simplest, most honest and dynamic way, drastically influencing the atmosphere of the space